Why It Works

gtClear is an all natural formula for Gout that really works. Why is gtClear so effective? The secret is in our proprietary blend forumula. Ingredients in gtClear have been used for centuries around the world in local tribes and villages. Our team of professional chemist, doctors and market researchers have formulated a gout remedy for gout sufferers. Its guaranteed to work or your money back. Look below and find out what is in gtClear.

gtClear is developed based on a traditional herbal formula used to eliminate gout. Its a 100% herbal preparation that is composed of sixteen natural occurring plants:

Yucca Stalk - Yucca stalk is reputed in western herbal tradition to support joints and blood sugar problems. The beneficial saponins are found in the Yucca plant's stalk and root. Yucca (Yucca schidigera) is native to the American deserts of the West and Southwest, and was used by the American Indians as a food source.

Alfalfa - is a good source of minerals and other nutrients that help reduce serum uric acid.
Ref: health911.com

Dandelion - effective herb that is known for its detox properties. Supports support liver and kidney functions.

Devil's Claw - a very popular herb used to eliminate pain in the joints for both gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The herb also helps to reduce the levels of uric acid as well as lower serum cholesterol levels.
Ref: christianet.com/arthritis/naturalremediesforgout.htm

Celery Seeds - celery seed is used primarily as a diuretic (increasing urine output to help the body get rid of excess water). Celery seed is also suggested for treating arthritis and gout, and to help reduce muscle spasms, calm the nerves, and reduce inflammation.
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Quercetin - The flavonoid quercetin inhibits uric acid production in a similar fashion to commonly prescribed drugs for gout.
Ref: health911.com

Other powerful ingredients in gtClear that combat gout include: Folic Acid, Aged Garlic, Artichoke Powder, Turmeric Extract, Milk Thistle 80%, Mulberry Tree, Burdock Root, Rutin, Boswellia and Bromelain

Now that you know whats in gtClear, its time for you to read what our customers think.

Our potent formula is making a huge difference in the lives of gout sufferers. You can view our customer testimonials here.


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