Gout Attack

The concentration of uric acid can bring about an arthritic condition known as gout. This acid that is present in the body settles on different joints such as the knees and ankles. It is this crystal that results in the inflammation of the joints of the body resulting in immense pain.

Studies have shown that it is usually those people that consume a diet rich in red meat and lentils that experience such gout attacks. Hence, it is best to avoid all forms of meat such as liver, fish, intestines and tongue. If those that consumed such foods balanced and supplemented their diets with more green products, they would not have experienced such gout attacks. In the same vein, those that consume alcohol beverages and are overweight, suffering from cholesterol are more prone to gout outbreaks.
Although there are certain pharmaceutical products that can help to bring about the control of such gout attacks, there are other drugs that can lead to an outbreak of gout such as excess consumption of Vitamin B, along with certain drugs used for the treatment of cancer.

If one experiences a gout attack, chances are that it would be experienced at night and would be characterized by immense pain in the big toe. Usually the joint would be quite painful. Apart from the big toe, the elbow, the knee, the ankles and the feet are the likely places for an attack.

If one is suffering from a gout attack, it is advisable to seek medical care as quickly as possible. Try to place either a cold or hot pack on the affected joint and do not move it at all. Take as much rest as possible and continuously apply the ice or heat. Seek medical attention as such treatment can effectively help to care for the affected region.


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