Causes of Gout

Today, it is not at all uncommon to hear many horror stories that are associated with an increase in the amount of uric acid present in the body. Such uric acid is the main cause for gout and although it affects those above the age of 25, it is a serious problem as it can result in inflammations of different joints of the human body such as the ankles, feet and the big toe. The crystallization of such uric acid results in the outbreak of gout.

Normally the result of the breakdown of RNA and DNA, uric acid is a waste product. Daily, approximately 240mg of this acid is excreted from the body. Many people suffer from gout as their bodies lack the ability to dispose of the required quantities of uric acid on a daily basis. Such uric acid can be affected by certain types of food such as shellfish, mackerel, beans, meats, oatmeal, spinach, sardines, herring, and cauliflower.

Another major reason for an increase in uric acid is the consumption of alcohol. Such alcohol has the ability of increasing the breakage of purine foods while at the same time lowering the ability of the kidneys to rid themselves of this substance. Such alcohol can result in uric acid that eventually results in a gout attack. So the next time you decide to have a drink to relax a bit, be wary as you might be just increasing your chances of an inflammation.

Remember, to effectively manage to keep gout at bay, it is necessary to ensure that you modify your diet so that it does not include anything rich in uric acid. While the main cause of gout is uric acid, there are also certain causes of gout such as radiation, blood disorders, hypothyroidism, obesity and cancers. At the same time, there are even certain pharmaceutical drugs that might bring about the outbreak of this illness.


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